Nutritious Food is the Best Medicine anyone can ever have; Man or Animal!

Apart from your love, that a pet needs most, nutritious food is another thing that is most required!

The truth is, that the food that your pets eat, goes a long way to define the quality of life that they lead – You want the best for them, right?

So, what better way than providing BETTER NUTRITION to your PETS?

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Dog Food

The best and safest dog foods available for your dogs!

Cat Food

The best and safest cat foods available for your cats!

Pet Accessories

Dog belts, leashes, Pet beds, feeding bowls and more!

About us

the bark treat - about us

All you need to know about ME in short!

I am a dog lover (have some love for cats too), running a pet food and accessories store, where I get to meet many pet parents from the neighbourhood and cater to the needs of their pet children while make valuable suggestions. (I don't go pitching products to everyone who enters my store)!

I don't support the selling of "High Breed Pets" and totally advocate the "Adoption of Pets", especially Indies (Street Dogs, for those still wondering what that means)! I have one at my home myself!

I can keep writing about myself but I think it would be nice to get in touch and learn more about each other in person.

So, if you need anything for your pets or simply want to have a friendly chat about them - I AM ALL EARS!

Kapil Malhotra

Founder - The Bark Treat

Premium Pet Food

We provide Premium Dog and Cat Food from the most reliable and popular brands catering to Pets!

Get You Pet's Food Delivered to Your Home, Without Hassles!

Seawoods | Nerul | Ulwe | CBD-Belapur | Kharghar

Pet Food
To Your Homes!


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A Variety of International Pet Food Brands To Choose From!

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